The Salvation Army
    Community & Family Services - Cobourg and Port HopE
66 Swayne St. Cobourg 
     100 Peter St. Port hope                (905)-885-2323

Celebrate Recovery

A Safe Place to Grow: We provide a safe place for people to be real about the things they struggle with in order to experience the life changing power of Jesus. We are:

• A place to care and be cared for
• A place of belonging
• A place for progress
• A place to take off your mask
• A possible turning point in your life
• A place of confidentiality
• A safe refuge to share

Weekly meetings include:

Large Group Time: kicks off with upbeat worship where we acknowledge the power of Jesus Christ to change us. Following worship there is a testimony of life change or a recovery teaching.

Small Group Time: is a place to be real about our struggles & celebrating our victories. It is a place where confidentiality is highly regarded. What is shared in the group stays in the group! We have all been hurt, hurt others and hurt ourselves. We meet with others who share similar life experiences. Small Groups are gender and issue specific and have leaders who can relate to your struggle.

Solid Rock Cafe: is a relaxed social setting that allows us the opportunity to develop and cement authentic relationships. We enjoy each other’s company with refreshments and casual conversation.